Cosmic Ordering Successes

Sunday 24th June 2018

This page is dedicated to testimonials from visitors using our Cosmic Ordering Form.

I love this site because I have cosmic ordered loads of things and it really works.

Thomas C Smith, Chatham, Kent, UK

I placed an order to win the lottery by acertain date today received cheque in post from a local charity lottery that I subscribe to....


Martin Joyce

I'm still waiting for the big one but I won £2,942 this week on the Lotto.

Anonymous (Name Supplied)

I ordered a lady with a great personality and the same interests. I met a woman this week at a concert, we are now going on a date - she loves the same bands I love. This is amazing - I've ordered more of the things I want on your site - will keep you post. Yours Sincerely Matt

Matthew Evans, Lancashire

It really worked!!!! I asked for a small windfall and got a cheque from my personal loan company with a letter explaining that they had miscalculated my settlment figure so I had overpaid. I've just placed my third order on your site... Thank You!!!!

Andrew, UK

Your form is a great idea, had great successes, looking forward to my fifth comsic order coming true.

Dave Sergeant , Middlesex, UK

I asked for my boss to give me extra holiday, this year we all get an extra 4 days holiday :)


Wicked site guys - I used your form to wish for a girl - we are now going steady

Chad, London

Firstly I would like to say "I WAS A SCEPTIC" but after making a cosmic order to see an old friend again I was contacted by her and we are meeting soon, 2 years before my cosmic deadline. We have spoken on the phone and she has used comsic ordering to find me too, how wonderful is that? I have given her the details of your site and we are going to place some orders to find other old friends - we are so happy, thank you.

Barbara Davies, USA

I asked for a win on the lottery. on the same day I bought a scratch card. i won €100. I love this site


I placed a cosmic order via your site for my poorly aunt to get better, she is recovering very quickly.

Steve P, UK

I use your site all the time. I placed so many orders that I forget what I asked for - then when they my orders are delivered it's a really nice surprise.

Alan Hardwick, Cheshire, England

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